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The portion of Brian Perkey's Yeast talk that we successfully recorded is available for download here.  (Right click and select save target as.) Unfortunately the second half was lost but the material we have is great!  Enjoy!
Current 2018 WHOTY Standings PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Peter Twigg   
Wednesday, 26 July 2017 00:00

The results below are the current 2018 WHOTY standings based on reporting by competition organizers.


Brewer McChord Brewfest GEBL Hop Madness Cascade Brewers Cup Best of the Bay Cowlitz County Fair Ev State Fair Joint Nfest & Pro Am   Total
Jason Mantello1.0711.2312.301
Garreth Wippel0.3340.7031.038
Devon Newby1.0031.003
Robert Rothschiller0.8790.879
Len Hallock0.8360.836
Dave Frombach0.6030.2310.834
Phil Cammarano0.7690.769
Addison Lippert0.5570.557
Dan Stilwell0.4800.480
David Allen0.4540.454
Kris Haskins0.4230.423
Justin Westcott0.1510.2470.398
Brian LeHuquet0.3020.302
Trevin Steepy0.2750.275
Tristan McCoy0.2640.264
Matthew Hibbs0.2580.258
Ryan Wallace0.2470.247
Justin Revelstoke0.2310.231
Todd Quessenberry0.2310.231
Greg Jensen0.2030.203
Kelvin Keown0.2030.203
John Seyler0.1980.198
Ken Leisher0.1810.181
Jon Lauzon0.1650.165
Wayne Slade0.1650.165
Mike Zabel0.1540.154
Doug Burghart0.1480.148
Darin Hamm0.1370.137
Matt Smith0.1190.119
Cory Geerdts0.0990.099
Neal Tognazzini0.0880.088
Mitch Stelmack0.0820.082
Ron Gipson0.0800.080
Nathan Fadden0.0770.077
Thomas Speca0.0660.066
Kevin Rupp0.0660.066
Paul Navarrette0.0660.066
Beth Hawes0.0600.060
Aubrey Laurence0.0490.049
Matt Yoakum0.0490.049
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