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The portion of Brian Perkey's Yeast talk that we successfully recorded is available for download here.  (Right click and select save target as.) Unfortunately the second half was lost but the material we have is great!  Enjoy!
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WAHA Projects - Awards
Written by Peter Twigg   
Monday, 11 March 2019 00:00

The results below are the current 2019 WHOTY standings based on reporting by competition organizers.


Brewer McChord Brewfest GEBL Hop Madness WA Mead & Cider Cup Cascade Brewers Cup Best of the Bay Ev State Fair Lights Out Joint Nfest & Pro Am   Total
Matthew Hibbs0.2791.1170.1941.590
Dave Frombach0.4690.7380.0371.244
James Dunlap1.2231.223
Kris Haskins0.3740.1040.5671.046
Jason Mantello1.0050.0001.005
Phil Cammarano0.2990.3390.2310.869
Timothy Leber0.8580.858
Brian Hale0.0700.4700.2350.775
Brendon George0.7330.733
Kurt Dresner0.3590.3410.701
Garreth Wippel0.6390.639
Trevin Steepy0.6180.618
Tristan McCoy0.2450.3220.567
Paul Navarrette0.2250.2040.1200.548
Alison Sheafor-Joy0.5450.545
Justin Westcott0.2250.2860.510
Tony Soper0.5090.509
Jesse Free0.4830.483
Caitlin Wippel & Garreth Wippel0.4050.405
Ryan Downey0.3920.392
Kevin J. Sullivan0.3800.380
David Sleipness0.2400.0000.1380.378
Lincoln Mettler0.1500.2010.351
Ryan Wallace0.3320.332
David Whitwell0.3240.324
Mac Repman0.2390.0830.322
Troy Niemeyer0.1900.1150.305
Tristan McCoy & Kyle Jung0.2770.277
Andrew Williams0.2690.269
Doug Burghart0.2690.269
Darin Hamm0.0800.0670.1200.267
Brian Scott0.2610.261
Beth Hawes & Ryan Hawes0.2490.249
Brandon Huston0.1650.0830.248
Jamie Wagner & James Wagner0.2310.231
Stephen Iszler0.2250.225
Cory Geerdts0.1650.0420.206
William Fredin0.2010.201
Josh White0.1900.190
Nick Ladd0.1890.189
John Smith & Mike Handy0.1840.184
Jon Young0.1840.184
Ryan Davies0.1800.180
Nancy Kwasinski0.1790.179
Jason Crutcher0.1700.170
Ted Trowbridge0.1660.166
Anthony Morones0.1610.161
Garreth Wippel & Caitlin Wippel0.1570.157
Tricia Hocking0.1500.150
Michael McCourt0.1500.150
Dean Malte0.1480.148
Tony Ochsner0.1400.0000.140
Robert Rothschiller0.1350.135
Clay Cadwalader0.1300.130
Eric Geissinger0.1290.129
Josh Sparkman0.1290.129
Nick I Ladd0.1200.120
Grant Barber0.1150.115
Casey Faulkner0.1110.111
Will Fredin0.1100.110
Christopher Brunetti0.1100.110
Beth Hawes0.1100.110
William Howe0.1040.104
Caitlin Wippel0.1000.100
Tim Frommer0.0970.097
Andrew Williams & Nolan Ericson0.0970.097
Josh Holliday0.0920.092
Thomas Wichert0.0920.092
Louis Strowger & Lou Strowger0.0920.092
Alan Burdick0.0900.090
Michael Cummings0.0900.090
Wayne Slade0.0830.083
Troy Wormsbecker0.0830.083
John Hocking0.0830.083
Pieter Wycoff0.0830.083
Jesse Fleming0.0800.080
Allen Moffett0.0750.075
Rebecca McDaniel0.0740.074
Rob Rothschiller0.0680.068
Louis Strowger0.0600.060
Kurt Dresner & Keziah Dresner0.0550.055
Jon Lauzon0.0550.055
Joshua Bost0.0550.055
Phillip Saurer0.0550.055
Branden Carlson0.0450.045
Ryan Westhoff0.0450.045
Kevin Kuttner0.0420.042
Frank Castro0.0400.040
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