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Current 2020 WHOTY Standings PDF Print E-mail
WAHA Projects - Awards
Written by Peter Twigg   
Monday, 02 March 2020 00:00

The results below are the current 2020 WHOTY standings based on reporting by competition organizers.


Brewer GEBL Hop Madness JBLM Brewfest WA Mead & Cider Cup Cascade Brewers Cup Wallonian Cup Best of the Bay Cowlitz County Fair Ev State Fair Puyallup Fair BREW's Lager Only Lights Out Joint Nfest & Pro Am   Total
Kyle Durham0.9380.6161.554
Dave Frombach0.9440.2570.3261.527
Will Fredin 1.2440.0861.330
Matt Hibbs1.2111.211
Kris Haskins0.4260.1470.5431.116
Enid Lints0.0001.1011.101
Rob Rothschiller 0.9020.0920.993
Timothy Leber0.9870.987
Cory Geerdts0.0950.1770.5980.870
Duncan McAlpine0.8170.817
Brian Hale0.5030.2630.766
Louis Strowger0.4260.2020.628
Brian Scott0.2290.3310.560
Steve Ferguson0.2390.2990.538
Tony Ochsner0.1840.3260.510
Nick Ladd0.5000.500
Brendon George0.4870.487
Benjamin Briles0.4730.473
Mac Repman0.4650.465
Rebecca McDaniel0.4580.458
Matthew Hibbs0.1530.1900.343
Brandon Huston0.1960.0000.1270.323
Oggie Ogden0.1470.1100.0610.0000.318
David Sleipness0.3060.306
McLean Johnson0.2750.275
Andrew Southwick0.2570.257
Beth Hawes0.2540.254
Whitney Pittman0.2520.252
Nancy Kwasinski0.2360.236
Joel Chambers0.2050.205
Jeremy Maldonado0.1960.196
Daniel Howe0.1890.189
Tim Frommer0.0730.1000.173
Jason Mantello0.1650.165
Todd Quessenberry0.1470.147
Kelvin Keown0.1280.128
Ryan Wallace0.1280.128
Rob Baysden0.1100.110
Darin Hamm0.1050.105
Troy Wormsbecker0.0920.092
Jim Dunlap0.0860.086
Alan Burdick0.0730.073
Steven Ouzts0.0730.073
Justin Revelstoke0.0730.073
Matthew Jones0.0670.067
Derek Paschich0.0610.061
Josh Holliday0.0610.061
Michael Tyler0.0610.061
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