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The portion of Brian Perkey's Yeast talk that we successfully recorded is available for download here.  (Right click and select save target as.) Unfortunately the second half was lost but the material we have is great!  Enjoy!
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Written by Peter Twigg   
Wednesday, 07 December 2022 00:00

The results below are the current 2022/23 WHOTY standings based on reporting by competition organizers.


Brewer Lights Out! Dark Beers Only 2022 Cascade Brewers Cup 2023   Total
Aaron Davis1.5811.581
Dustin Striplin0.9850.4771.462
Tim Frommer0.9760.3041.280
Tony Ochsner0.1860.9221.108
Casey Faulkner0.9980.998
Kelvin Keown0.7280.0490.777
Kris Haskins0.2890.3040.594
Matthew Hibbs0.0690.5000.569
Tristan McCoy0.2070.3040.511
Jesse Young0.4130.413
Will Fredin0.3190.319
Scott Howell0.2790.0380.316
Chuck Whitt0.1380.1730.311
David Carruthers0.3010.301
Alan Burdick0.2620.0380.299
Travis Morita0.2820.282
Troy Wormsbecker0.2550.255
Russell Pearsall0.2410.241
Steven Hutchison0.1240.1130.237
Enid Lints0.0000.2290.229
Dennis Nagy 0.2260.226
Joe Conley0.1990.199
Jason Weiss0.1920.192
Steven Ouzts0.1920.192
Gary Peterson0.1860.186
Ryan Wallace0.1650.165
Jonathan Sherwin0.1620.162
Matthew Baldwin0.1580.158
Robert Rothschiller0.1540.154
Adam Arndt0.1500.150
Louis Strowger0.0620.0830.145
Daniel Weber0.1280.128
William Zens0.1240.124
Clark D Whitehead Jr0.1240.124
John Smith0.1200.120
Robert Baysden0.1100.110
Jim Dunn0.1030.103
Jim Dunlap0.1010.101
Ashley Derum0.0980.098
Joseph Yonke0.0860.086
Phil Knudson0.0750.075
Gene Rocha0.0690.069
Alex Kuyper0.0640.064
Oggie Ogden0.0620.062
Cory Geerdts0.0600.060
Pat McLaughlin0.0410.041
Charles Stevens0.0410.041
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