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Written by Mark Emiley   
Tuesday, 15 July 2008 19:39
Here are some top lagering tips from club members and other resources:
  • Remember, patience is a virtue
  • Give yourself time if you are aiming to have it ready by a certain date
  • Use Irish moss and a vigorous full-wort boil
  • Use a wort chiller
  • Use a two-stage method of fermentation
  • Incorporate a diacetyl rest into the fermentation
  • Select appropriate ingredients for the style of lager you are brewing
  • Sanitize!
  • Use a true lager-type yeast
  • Use a yeast starter or repitch yeast to next batch
  • Plan a stretch of lagers
  • Assures good start
  • See Wyeast website for "yeast washing" procedure if desired
  • Take the time and effort to control your temperatures well
  • Consistent results
  • Use a thermo-strip on your fermenter to help track your fermentation temperatures
  • If making an all-grain lager, make sure to ventilate pot well during boil to drive off DMS precursors
  • For all-grain lagers, depending on your malt profile and equipment, you may want to use
  • Acid rest (104 F, ~30 mins) - for mash acidification and liquefaction
  • Protein rest (118 F, ~ 30 mins) - for undermodified malts
  • Beta Amalase rest (140 F, ~30 mins) - for a dry beer
  • If possible, use fairly well-modified lager malts and just do a step mash (just easier)
  • Decoctions are authentic but messy - strong malt profile
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