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WAHA Projects - Legal Efforts
Written by Mark Emiley   
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 14:13
 The wording in this document can be used to help create a message to send to your Washington friends to support our legislative movement.   Feel free to color it up with your own personal touches! 


I would like to ask for your support on an issue that is important to me.  Washington State's current laws unnecessarily restrict the transportation of homemade beer and wine.  Simply put, with the exception of competitions or a limited number of exhibition events, it isn't possible to take homemade beer or wine out of the house of production.  This means that something as trivial as taking a bottle of beer to a friend's house is illegal. 

Homebrewing and wine making is safe, fun, and should be a celebrated part of Washington's culture.  Today's home beer and wine makers are tomorrow's craft beer and wine producers: the people who bring tax money in to support Washington's programs. 

The Washington Homebrewers Association is working to get the laws changed so that we can share and celebrate homemade beer and wine while still making sure that it doesn't fall into the hands of minors or end up being sold.  You can help the effort by contacting your legislators and letting them know that you support the change by supporting Senate Bill 5060.  Simply go to and you can find out how to get in touch with your legislators. 

Thanks for your support.  Hopefully in a short while we will all be able to walk out of our front doors and raise a glass to home beer and wine making! 


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